Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back on track!

Wednesday 29th July

Status as of 7.41pm

Distance covered: 602 miles

Nearest largest town: Middlesbrough

Given the start to the day Paul is making fantastic progress now. I think the day is best told in his own words taken from his texts.


'Eskdalemuir 7.24. Some flooded roads, literally up to the wheel axles. Less wind now and a better outlook


Just stopped in Longtown for 4th breakfast since midnight. Slight showers doing okay.


Alston. Now back over Yad moss. Plenty of energy....

....and so they continue. I know he is wet through, has hardly slept and has the inevitable aches and pains but as you can see that's not going to stop him or even dampen his enthusiasm.

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  1. Paul, you need cake. That will get rid of all the aches and pains. You're nearly home now anyway. Hope those legs are still feeling strong. You know what our mantra is - pain is temporary, pride is forever. Go Captain, go! Love Susie and Mike xxx