Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tie Mi Kangaroo Down Sport (sic Rolf Harris)

So what's with the seemingly non-sensical title?

Well, the lovely Sue from Kangaroo in South Chailey has very kindly agreed to help with our antics on World Wide Knit in Public Day on 13th June.

She has very generously offered to provide me with some lovely purple yarn (colour of the Alzheimer's Research Trust) with which to knit and also to hold a collection in aid of the Alzheimer's Research Trust at the Lewes Carnival on WWKIP day. What a star! Thanks Sue.

On WWKIP day we have permission from Brighton Council to hold a collection in the afternoon and so Paul and I will be riding the tandem up and down the cycle lane along Brighton seafront with me sitting on the back knitting! Sarah, Mike and anyone else who's available will be shaking their tins at anyone who's around.

It would be fantastic if any local knitters could come and join us.

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