Monday, May 4, 2009

Isle of Wight Randonee - knitting our way around the island!

Yesterday (03 May 2009) nine people set off in the far too early hours to leave the mainland for the Isle of Wight. Amongst this group were 4 brave cyclists hoping to complete the 100k, flat - only according to Paul, route around the island and 5 equally intrepid collectors hoping to raise funds for the ART.

The result:
  • All our cyclist made it around the full route and Susie even managed to knit (much to the envy of some cyclists she overtook struggling up hill!)
  • Through the generosity of the local population, the Randonee cyclists and some selling Sir Alan would be proud of our collectors took an additional £283.37 for ART.
  • A group of nine people many of whom had never met made new friends and had a great day to remember.

More stories from the day will follow as legs recover, sleep is caught up on and photos are swapped. In the meantime a big thank you to:

  • The '2knits': Susie Hewer (extreme knitter) and Paul Barnes,
  • Our support cyclists: Maxine Ward and Euclid Pires
  • Our collectors: Mike Hewer, Georgina Brazer, Ken Brazer (aka mum and dad)
  • All the people in the background: Sadia and mum for the great home cooked cakes. Euclid and Sadia's family and friends for helping with cakes and their extremely generous support.
  • The Wayfarer Cycle Touring club ( for their well organised event and for allowing us to tempt the cyclist with cakes at their checkpoint.

...and of course the people of the Isle of Wight and the Randonee Cyclists for their generous donations.


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